Month: June 2013

What Are We Saying?

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I was out the other day walking the dog with the kids and we ran into an old acquaintance  and her son. This acquaintance has two children the same ages as my oldest two,  20 & 18. We stopped and chatted for a bit and as I stood there listening to her I was saddened at her choice words and I also felt overcome with gratitude for my own children, and to be honest, for […]

Time Flies With A Few Broken Limbs

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Good very hot hot hot day to you! (I guess depending where you are) ;) I’m very excited for my daughter Corinne, she is graduating High School tomorrow! Today she has a grad luncheon and rehearsal ceremony for tomorrow evening.We went out yesterday and bought her this spectacular outfit and fantastic shoes, we really had a great time.  We spent most of yesterday together and last night was so fun. I laughed so much. We […]

What Is It?

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Children / family / Relationship

Hey friends, hope this Saturday is totally awesome for you :) I was out walking with my dog, Oliver. I had some quiet time to reflect and soul search. I was thinking about why I am not working outside the house yet. It’s been a couple weeks, if not more, since I started looking and still I have not found anything. I wondered why and had a chat with God about this. What came to […]


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Good morning my friends!!!   I want to say THANK YOU to all my readers. Yesterday my views hit 278 views for one day!!! 278!!! I am so grateful to all of you who read my blog and have journeyed with me through the past few months!! I am over joyed and filled with much gratitude for the support. THANK YOU!        I am very humbled. Thank you friends. God bless you!

Our God is an Awesome God!

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Hey wanted to pop in and say, out of all the crazy and backlash my poor parents have received this week from overly emotional people, (poor parents, has nothing to do with them) I just want to say how our bond has strengthened and I have had so much support from them. It’s totally amazing how God works everything out for good. It never ceases to amaze me :) I love how Jesus says in […]

Gossip. Too Much Time On One’s Hands?

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Hey Friends, wow , what an interesting day. I was refraining from blogging today due to a situation that occurred earlier but nope, decided on writing :) Want to share first the meaning of Gossip: As a noun it is described as this: Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.  As a verb it’s described as this:    tattle – tittle-tattle – talk – […]

We Reap What We Sow :)

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My son comes home from work. Yup he landed himself a summer job. So proud. Well, over the past couple weeks he’s been talking about tithing his first pay check.  (Could I be any more proud that he respects God in this area?). Any-who, we start chatting this evening and he begins to share with me about how he hasn’t been reading his bible the past couple days and how his thoughts started going to, […]

Step Two… Complete :D

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How do you spell relief? For me today it is spelled…  Mailing my second letter last night!! Wow, what a feeling. Friends, I never thought the day would come where I would have grown so much emotionally, mentally and spiritually to be able to share my story AND make attempts to confront my abusers. I cannot even begin to explain how I feel! Totally, totally awesome! I feel like running, skipping and jumping :D There […]