Month: August 2013

Jack no, no, no- Jill of all trades ;)

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Hey friends, hope you’re all having a fantastic day :D I was over at my parents place today and my dad says, “oh great you’re here, I need help with a mirror downstairs”. I say, “Sure, what are we doing with it?” and off we went to do what we do best together, small home renos and fixer ups. Ever since I was a little, ok, younger girl (haven’t grown much since my younger years […]

ED- It’s Not What You Think.

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I started a group a few weeks ago. This group is a parents support group. My husband and I have ended up in this group for two reasons. One- one of our children, just like me, suffer from an eating disorder. And two- Gods plan to “poke” at me in regards to this issue. You see friends, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder for about twenty years now. As I have been on my journey […]

Don’t Take It Personally

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When your child calls you heartless and you have no compassion, how do you take it? How did I take it? I will tell you how I didn’t take it. I didn’t take it personally. Yeah, to hear words, other than loving kindness, from my children stings a little but I also take a look at the situation around it. What’s going on? What are they facing? No it’s not ok to use family members […]

Round and Round the Merry Go Round

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Wow it has been quite some time since I took some time to get to my blog site and write. I love writing. It is so therapeutic for me and God never lets me leave a journal entry or writing without learning something new about myself.  At times I say, “Oh joy”  ;) Ok, so where is life right now for me? It’s in a place I like. Things have really settled down and I […]