Month: October 2013

Humble Pie Anyone? Why, Thank You, Just What I Needed

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About Me / family / Relationship

This past Saturday started off lovely. Everyone woke up cheery and happy, Rob and Corinne were off to a weekend of First Aid & CPR training and I was going to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning. The day progressed and Rebekah and I were getting ready to go out to pick up a few things because later that evening we were going to have company over for dinner. Before heading out to […]

God’s Will, Not Mine Be Done

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Children / family / parenting

Good fabulous morning friends :D It’s a quiet morning here in the Lane household. It’s 9:16am and I am still in my pj’s. Yup, I decided to stay in my pj’s this morning and have my coffee and take some time for myself to sit at the computer and connect with you through this blog post. Sheesh it’s been a while since I wrote a post. I am very glad to be typing away this […]

Forgiveness? Acceptance? Maturity?

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About Me / Children / family / parenting / Relationship

Spoke to my mom on the phone today for quite some time, we shared in some good laughter and some serious conversation.  After we got off the phone, I got to really thinking and reflecting on  how I treat my mother and our relationship. I wasn’t too happy or pleased with the lack of respect I give to the woman who gave birth to me nor the fact that I can still see how I […]

God, Self & Others

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A suggestion / Hello! / Relationship / spirituality

God, Self and Others. How does that all work and where are we in the equation of it all? Lately I’ve been busy, busy, busy. So many of life’s challenges have been thrown my way and I’ve been busy making lemonade ;) Through it all I have been losing my connection with God, myself and others. I felt “old” me creeping around, lurking around sabotaging my days and the goodness of my life. Today I […]