You Are Beautiful

beautiful pic 1

Morning friends! Wanted to share this photo with you today. I went into the washroom to brush my teeth and I found this beautiful note left by my youngest daughter Rebekah after shower.

Thanks Bekah!

This is the good stuff ;)

Happy Day friends xxxooo

The Good Stuff

Mmmm, the good stuff.

What good stuff fills your life making it feel so wonderful? What good stuff do you think of? What “things” fall into your good stuff category? And here’s an interesting question, what is it about that good stuff that makes it so good?

For me, the good stuff is like a gratitude list. I often write out a gratitude list especially when I have a heavy heart. I wrote a post yesterday on facebook about focusing on the good stuff in our life and the day that was before us. A fellow reader, and friend, suggested I write a blog post about this good stuff I speak of ;)

For me, I have come to really change my focus in life. Years ago my focus was solely on what was happening in my life, not the good stuff, but the bad stuff I didn’t like. My life quickly took that road, after all, what we focus on is where our life will ultimately end up. We cannot possibly go through our days meditating on awful things and expect our outside world and our life to be fabulous.  I have spent many years obsessing, thinking of the “what could happens”, and each day I felt miserable and had no clue why! Sheesh, who would’ve thunk that it was all starting with me? ;)

Anyways, the good stuff. Ahhh, the good stuff. So, have you figured out what makes up your good stuff? For me my dear friends, my good stuff starts with JC. Without this main ingredient to my good stuff, I’m unable to see the good stuff because without Him, there’s me. And “me” brings negativity, irritation, frustration, and all that “stuff”. My first ingredient must be JC. Next, my good stuff then extends to the goodness I see in myself and others such as; being able to make coffee whenever I feel I like to have one, my amazing home, my comfy bed, the unconditional love I get from my dog,  my hilarious cats, the uniqueness each of my children bring to life,  the incredible perseverance my marriage holds, the ability to sit here this early morning and write and share with all of you, ohhhhh the Christmas carols playing in the background from my kitchen radio. Friends, my good stuff list can go on forever.

I guess the point I want to make this morning is, what do you think of all day? Where are your thoughts? where’s your focus? yes there’s lots wrong in the world and perhaps in our lives but there’s also the good stuff. We hold the key to change our focus. It starts with having enough of the tiredness of thinking about all the nonsense. It starts with taking one thought at a time and changing it. Giving it up, surrendering it and saying, ” I will choose to change just this thought “. It’s how it started with me. One thought at a time and let me tell you, my thoughts can quickly go south but I know I’m in control of them. I will control my thoughts, not have my thoughts control me.

I was unable to do this before God moved in my heart. He’s the good stuff. He brings with Him good stuff beyond my wildest dreams!

Just for today friends, focus on the good stuff. I guarantee life will take a different turn. Hmmmm??? What’s that??? Come again??? You say there’s no good stuff? Well, lets go this route, What could be good right now? Remember, you hold the key. No, no let me re-phrase that, You Are The Key! I dare you today to think and meditate on nothing but the good stuff today, I plan on doing the same ;)

Bless you and I thank you for your time in reading. I pray this day is beyond magical for you :D







What To Call This Post? A Little Bit Of Everything ;)

Good beautiful morning my friends :)

So once again it’s been awhile since I took the time to sit and write. There have been many things on the go. For one, my book will be about very very soon! I’m so stoked about this. I was reading over some proofs yesterday and I was so filled with gratitude and I felt so humbled. I was in complete awe that God allowed me to write such a book. As my husband said yesterday, “Mmmmm, He makes good lemonade”. I chuckled. How did I come to such a place in my life? I was reflecting during my morning quiet time with God and I realized it all started with me. I stopped waiting for people, places and things to start changing and started the change. The change started in my head. How I thought of people, places and things. It started with how I thought of God, it started with how I thought of myself. It all starts with us. In our mind. What we focus on, good or bad, our feelings and life will follow. And the best part of the growth is, it’s when we continue to focus on what’s good when our world seems to be falling apart. I say this because I’ve been there. Yes I have had periods of grieving and not wanting to write or be with other people, but once we get over the hump and remember who we are and that we hold the key to such goodness, we can quickly get our butts in gear and move forward and I especially LOVE the incredible spiritual, emotional and mental growth that comes with such little setbacks. Setbacks don’t mean we lose all our growth or that everything is lost (this is what happens to me during such times), it means it’s a setback, a time for growth.

I have grown thorough my small setback over the past couple weeks.

I feel good. I feel more growth, more healing and most important to me, I feel closer to my God.

What has this done to help my family? Well, it has brought more communication, more family time, more growth in my youngest daughter. We chatted for a few minutes before she left for school and she was sharing how her focus doesn’t always need to be on the bad “stuff” in her life. She explained how it starts with her. She went on to share how her thinking is where it starts. I just about cried! God is truly amazing.

Not sure if I told you all about how I provide childcare before and after school, oh friends it’s so fun, talk about nurturing the little girl in me, anyways, I came in from picking them up from school and my eldest daughter had snack all prepared, the dishwasher undone and a tidied kitchen. I took a few seconds to thank God for guiding me to teach my children the way to go. I also gave thanks for the love and respect my daughter has for me to be kind and thoughtful to do such things without being asked.

During family time a couple weeks ago, my husband came up with a challenge for us all to do for the week. He challenged the family to call, not text, call each other and discuss four things: 1) how are we feeling 2) what are we doing 3) what are we thinking 4)what are we thinking of doing (in regards to certain things we are facing at that time). So for the week we all took turns calling each other. It was funny. My daughter Corinne was on the phone with her brother and they were giggling and sharing their feelings and their day with one another. I marveled at how just by picking up the phone and making a call instead of text, brought about connection, intimacy and laughter to the family. In a world of text or email, connecting via voice creates and builds relationship. I really appreciated and liked the idea. We have slipped away from the phone calls and have gone back to text. I think today I will let it begin with me and make those calls. Expect a call from Mumsy today darlings ;) hehe

A little update on my son Alex, he’s in his last year of university and has recently applied for teacher’s college. I’m so ecstatic for him! He’s going to become a high school teacher. For the next couple of weeks he is overloaded with assignments and exams. I’m very grateful to God for giving Alex a brain to hold so much information and be so disciplined to do what needs doing.

All in all friends, I wanted to connect and touch base, give you an update and share a bit of my life with you :)

I pray this day is beyond amazing for you and today, declare it a GREAT day! Decide today that you will have a great day, a fun day, a day full of love and remember friends, this starts with us. Don’t look outside yourself for it, you won’t find it. Look within and bring it out.

Ciao for now :D



Hey You! Yeah, You!

Hey there friends. Hope you’re doing great :)

I was sitting chatting with my girls and they have graciously reminded me of some amazing things. I’ve shared this video before and I’m sharing it again. It has really spoken to me again and reminded me of how beautiful God has made me to be. What my abusers stole from me and the repercussion it has had on my life and my relationships was, is, no match for what God has restored in me.

To my amazing daughters, thank you for always seeing the beauty in me.  I love you more than you’ll ever know and I cherish our relationship.  :*