Month: November 2013

The Good Stuff

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Mmmm, the good stuff. What good stuff fills your life making it feel so wonderful? What good stuff do you think of? What “things” fall into your good stuff category? And here’s an interesting question, what is it about that good stuff that makes it so good? For me, the good stuff is like a gratitude list. I often write out a gratitude list especially when I have a heavy heart. I wrote a post yesterday on facebook about […]

What To Call This Post? A Little Bit Of Everything ;)

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A suggestion / family / Hello! / parenting / Relationship / spirituality / top stories

Good beautiful morning my friends :) So once again it’s been awhile since I took the time to sit and write. There have been many things on the go. For one, my book will be about very very soon! I’m so stoked about this. I was reading over some proofs yesterday and I was so filled with gratitude and I felt so humbled. I was in complete awe that God allowed me to write such […]

Hey You! Yeah, You!

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About Me / parenting / Self Abuse / Sexual abuse / spirituality / top stories

Hey there friends. Hope you’re doing great :) I was sitting chatting with my girls and they have graciously reminded me of some amazing things. I’ve shared this video before and I’m sharing it again. It has really spoken to me again and reminded me of how beautiful God has made me to be. What my abusers stole from me and the repercussion it has had on my life and my relationships was, is, no […]