What Are You Eating?

So what’s in your bowl or cup or on your plate this morning? How about what’s packed for lunch? Any plans for dinner? Do you snack in between? And if you do, what do you snack on?

Food is important isn’t it? Well heck, we need it to survive! Are you careful about what kind of food you intake? Are there restrictions or limits you set for yourself or your family? I can tell you, I can be pretty strict about the foods that come into this house (and the beverages).

Ok friends, how about this, What are you feeding your mind and your spirit? Just as solid food is life to our body so is what we choose to “feed” our mind and spirit. What’s your spirit “eating” these days? Is it good? Is it fulfilling? Does it make you feel super charged and motivated and good about yourself?  Are you being “fed” by others or wordly views on things and is it gobbled up just because it’s being “fed”to you?

My point here is this; I have lived my life for many years “eating” up all kids of “processed” “genetically modified” “twisted” “mixed up” “confusing” recipes of “foods” that did not serve me well. It was not until I took control of what I chose to listen to, read, watch and engage in that served me as a whole person and began to change my thoughts and how I saw myself that my life began. Not only did my life begin but I began to live a more helathier lifestyle with respect towards myself and others. You see, we wrestle with the “foods” of this world that leads us to have  “clogged” arteries and a cold heart towards ourselves and others. The “foods” of this world, in my opinion, are about selfishness and instant gratification for one’s self and a constant competition with our fellows. And who says what one person thinks of us is right? Where are our standards of our selves? Does it lie in others? Does it lie in competition with the wordly “recipies”? Well friends in my experience that depends on what you’re “eating” mentally and spiritually.

Today I urge you, check the “labels”, check the “sources” and friends, if what you’re “eating” isn’t uplifting you or helping you to grow into what God has called you to be, then maybe it’s time for a diet change. Maybe it’s time to set your own standards for yourself.  Start “feeding” on the good stuff. We need to take a proactive stand and choose, choose goodness, choose edification, choose to see ourselves as the amazing children of God that we are. I will tell you from experience, until we change what comes in, there won’t be much change coming out.

Choose better, choose to be more. Today is a new day to eat well!

Bon apetit! (is that how you spellthat? LOL) ;)

Just Do It!

Good morning friends. Just wanted to pop in quickly and say, today is a great day! At first when I awoke this morning, I felt anxious and started to ponder thoughts on things that were not for my benefit. I quickly caught myself and prayed. I then made the decision to change my thoughts and get my mind on good things in my life. I started with a gratitude list, I then moved on to how much God loves me, I counted my blessings and thanked God for the amazing day that lay ahead. After that I got out of bed, headed down and made my coffee. I took some time with God, journaled and was quiet with Him. This is my favorite part of the day, spending my quiet time with God. So much happens here. I learn so much about Him and about myself. You see, within the hustle and bustle of life it’s hard to hear and see yourself clearly. We NEED that quiet time, some time to reflect and to clear our minds of the everyday life and connect spiritually. This time spent is a tool God uses with me to bring me closer to Him and to myself.

So back to my thoughts today. Had I not “captured” the negativity and the crazy thougts, my day would have been started off on the wrong path. I could tell you now, there would be some conflict and irritation in the house caused by thoughts that were floating around in my head. Not today friends. Today I choose. And thats just it, I choose, WE GET TO CHOOSE. We get to choose our thoughts!! Good or bad. The choice is ours. It doesn’tmatter what’s going on in life friends, the choice is ours on how we will choose to respnd to it and think on our life :)

Here’s a great peice of scripture from Philippians 4:8 that tells us what we ought to think on :D

“…think about the things that are good and worthy of praise. Think about the things that are true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected”

This goes for what we think of others too ;)

And on that note my dear friends, I hoope your day is filled with such thoughts and goodness. Choose to have a wonderful day!

God bless :D

21 Years Ago Today

Happy Happy 21st Birthday to our son Alex!

It was 21 years ago today God blessed me with my first child. I was seventeen years old. The long road of life layed out before me looked dark and bleak. I held that child in my arms and made the decision that I would be the best mom I could be. As time went on and years passed with much challenges and talk from others that my son would have a hard life because I was a teen mom, God moved in and turned my life around.

Today my son turns 21. In his young life he has accomplished great things and most importantly for me is, he has a relationship with Jesus. Alex has graduated high school with honors, has scholarships from schools and the queen Elizabeth reach for the top awards and others, he has recently applied to Teachers college and is finishing up his last year of university. What I am over the moon about is how he has such wisdom of The Lord and is able to help me to stay on track and explain things to me about God. You see, his major and minor in school is English and Religion. Friends, I am so proud of him. And the great thing is, God has made this all possible. :)

So today, we celebrate Alex’s life. We give thanks to God for giving him to us. We are far from perfect parents but Alex gives us the grace to be those non-perfect parents ;)

Alex, I hope this day is so wonderful for you. I love you to the moon and back and then some! Happy Birthday Son! xxxooo

Go On, Laugh At Yourself, It’s Good For The Soul

Alrighty friends, here I am this early FRIDAY morning, enjoying my coffee freshy made from our brand new Keurig machine that our son Alex bought us for Christmas. I decide to write an early morning “Good morning” on my facebook page that said this:


This post gets seen by quite a few people. I received a message over twitter from a fellow follower who very nicely reminded me it is Friday and expressed that it’s good to see I am human like everyone else. Amen to that!

 Friends, I started to laugh so much! It’s FRIDAY!!! hahahahaha Here I am thinking, no no no,believeing it was Monday morning!! That is too funny. So my point here is, when we do silly things or make mistakes, can we laugh at ourselves or are we so shame filled that we become so embarrassed and hide from the world? Back in the day I was so filled with toxic shame that if something like this happened before I would most likely, verbally and mentally beat myself up about it. Not today, thanks be to God for teaching me and loving me the way He does. Today, I am able to laugh at my mistakes and laugh at things I say or do and accept myself as human.

So go on, laugh at yourself and try not to take yourself so seriously. Live life with gentleness and most of all laughter. It is soooooo good for the soul. Releases stress, heals the soul and when we start laughing, others will catch the laughter too. Laughing is contagious. I dare you, when you’re with some family or friends, just start laughing, laugh out loud. They’ll probably think you’re nuts but so what? Go for it, you’ll see withna few minutes you’ll all be in hysterical laughter and feel like a million bucks afterwards. And you know what else laughter does? It creates intimacy within relatonships. Breaks down walls of coldness and distance.

So my wonderful beautiful friends, aim for a good belly laugh with yourself and others today ;)

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Hey there my dear friends, Merry, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you! :)

I’ll keep it brief today and say this; From my awesome, amazing family to your awesome, amazing family, we wish you all the best for this holiday season and more than the best for the new year. God bless!


How Grateful I Am For What I Did Not Endure.

Good day my friends.

Although I do not like to discuss my past abuse too often anymore, or get into any detail, I am writing this morning after reading through a few blog posts I follow and I am sitting here giving thanks to God for sparing me as He did from abuse that could have been far worse. I know it sounds weird to put forms of abuse on a “scale” however this morning I am beside myself giving thanks. I have heard and I have read from fellow survivors what they had encountered and for some reason today I am feeling it deep within my heart. I can say, with the sexual abuse I did endure, I was also spared from what could have been. It is said many times, God gives you only enough of what you can handle. Yes I believe that and when I speak with my fellow survivor friends, I am encouraged that I can continue to move forward and heal.

Well now, I guess what I want to say is, to all my amazing, beautiful, courageous, strong, survivor friends out there; First, I am so sorry for what you, we, went through. The pain, hurt and the loss we have endured.  God bless you all for sharing your story, for pushing forward, for choosing goodness for your life and for just being you!  I am truly blessed to know you. Some days suck and some days are beyond magical. This is our life, we choose how we will make the rest of it go. Today let us hold tight together and to God and choose to be the awesome people we are!

Sending you all (with your permission) a BIG hug :)

And to you my fellow readers, a BIG hug to you as well :D

God bless

P.S. – did you know that today is an amazing day???? Yup, yup it is ;)

It’s Been Twenty Years!

Hey there friends, hope you’ve been doing better than good :)

Today  is a special day for me.  Well, December 11th marks a special day for me. Actually, two reasons it’s an extra special day.

Ok the first, today makes twenty years Rob and I have been together. We met at a subway station at Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto, it was a very cold Saturday afternoon. We met at 4:00pm (I won’t tell of all the details of how we met, you can read that in my book) ;)

I have been reflecting over the past twenty years and boy oh boy, what a journey it has been. To be honest when I was speaking to Rob this morning I totally forgot what the date was. We had an awesome conversation this morning reminiscing together of the past holidays we celebrated and we were getting all excited about Christmas and how much we enjoy spending Christmas morning with our amazing kids.

Today I am so grateful for this day and for the past twenty years. I have come to accept the struggles we have endured and the lessons I have learned along the way as God’s way of cleaning me up and growing me up in Him. I am so amazed at how God has made such goodness come from hard times. Depending on how I choose to view things that have happened in my life determines how my life will go and how much joy and happiness I choose to have in my life. No doubt journeying these past twenty years together have brought with it much hurt and pain but it has also brought so much repair and healing. Today I choose to see that and live in that goodness. I am grateful to God everyday for my husband because through our struggles I have looked within myself and have uncovered so much that has healed my heart and most importantly I have humbled myself before God and turned my life to Jesus.

Rob, it’s been twenty years. I am blessed to have you in my life and I thank you for all you’ve done for me and our family. I would not want to be on this life’s journey with anyone else. I love you to the moon and back and then some ;)

Another reason this day is special is, the proofs of my book came in today!!!! I am beyond thrilled! I haven’t opened the package yet. I’m waiting for my husband and the rest of my family to be here before I open it. I want to share this experience with them. My parents are coming over as well. :)

I thought it was so funny that the proofs came in on the day that marks twenty years of meeting my husband. After all, it was the start of what lied ahead. A journey neither of us could have imagined. A journey that lead me to God. A  journey that has healed my broken spirit. A journey that grew me spiritually. Had it not been for this day twenty years ago, my book (I like to say it’s mine and Gods book) would not have been written and it certainly would have not shown up here today.

Thank you God, thank you Rob. Thank you kids and thank you my fellow readers for all your support. I pray God showers His blessings down on you always :)

Have yourselves a spectacular day!

Ciao for now :D