Month: December 2013

What Are You Eating?

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So what’s in your bowl or cup or on your plate this morning? How about what’s packed for lunch? Any plans for dinner? Do you snack in between? And if you do, what do you snack on? Food is important isn’t it? Well heck, we need it to survive! Are you careful about what kind of food you intake? Are there restrictions or limits you set for yourself or your family? I can tell you, […]

Just Do It!

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Good morning friends. Just wanted to pop in quickly and say, today is a great day! At first when I awoke this morning, I felt anxious and started to ponder thoughts on things that were not for my benefit. I quickly caught myself and prayed. I then made the decision to change my thoughts and get my mind on good things in my life. I started with a gratitude list, I then moved on to […]

21 Years Ago Today

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Happy Happy 21st Birthday to our son Alex! It was 21 years ago today God blessed me with my first child. I was seventeen years old. The long road of life layed out before me looked dark and bleak. I held that child in my arms and made the decision that I would be the best mom I could be. As time went on and years passed with much challenges and talk from others that […]

Go On, Laugh At Yourself, It’s Good For The Soul

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Alrighty friends, here I am this early FRIDAY morning, enjoying my coffee freshy made from our brand new Keurig machine that our son Alex bought us for Christmas. I decide to write an early morning “Good morning” on my facebook page that said this: This post gets seen by quite a few people. I received a message over twitter from a fellow follower who very nicely reminded me it is Friday and expressed that it’s […]

How Grateful I Am For What I Did Not Endure.

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Good day my friends. Although I do not like to discuss my past abuse too often anymore, or get into any detail, I am writing this morning after reading through a few blog posts I follow and I am sitting here giving thanks to God for sparing me as He did from abuse that could have been far worse. I know it sounds weird to put forms of abuse on a “scale” however this morning […]

It’s Been Twenty Years!

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Hey there friends, hope you’ve been doing better than good :) Today  is a special day for me.  Well, December 11th marks a special day for me. Actually, two reasons it’s an extra special day. Ok the first, today makes twenty years Rob and I have been together. We met at a subway station at Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto, it was a very cold Saturday afternoon. We met at 4:00pm (I won’t tell […]

It’s Tree Time!!

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Happy Friday friends! I’m so excited for today! Today is the day my awesome family and I are going to pick our Christmas tree :D Each year we rotate who gets to pick the family Christmas tree. This year Alex, our son, will be picking. So the plan is, after dinner we will head out to value village or the Thrift Store to pick our “ugly” Christmas sweaters and then head out to get the […]

It’s That Time Of Year :)

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Hey there friends, how’s the day?  I had a great day. Spent a lot of time with my parents today. This morning I did plan on doing some cleaning and being busy, busy, busy until I asked God what He’d have me do today. Well, after dropping the kids I provide childcare for at school, I was walking the dog and decided to go visit my mom.  Oliver my dog LOVES my parents he was […]