Talk Back!

Good fabulous morning to you! :D

Wanted to pop in briefly and say; you know when you hear that little chattering in the back of your mind? you know that “voice” that says, “you can’t do it”, “this is impossible!”, “yeah right, you?”, “oh this is bad” etc… etc… etc… Yeah that voice. What do you say to it? Do you succumb to the “no no’s” of it? Do you “listen” to it? or worse, Do you believe it?????? :o 

I use to all the time. 

Not today people!! Nope, not me anymore. Oh yes of course it still tries to put me down or tell me things won’t work and even likes to “make up my own stories” on situations. Friends, today I talk back.  I say, shaaattttt up! I tell this little voice, Ha, that’s what you think! I say things like, “this may look “bad” now but I know God has it all figured out already”. I choose to speak life over myself and those around me today. What do I mean by talking life over myself? I mean I choose better words, I choose to not to be discouraged no matter what the situation is. I choose to recite Gods word over my issues. I choose to CHANGE THE WORDS. You see I have that choice and again I choose to change what I think and say today. 

When I wake up in the morning, “old” me starts with, what do I have to do today, what is going to happen???? The amazing thing is now I am better able to quickly “catch” those thoughts and turn them over to The Big Guy and I choose to start off with, “Today is a great day, I am expecting favor from God and Blessings to pour over me and my family today”. I choose to declare, “today is an awesome day”. 

This takes practice. This takes awareness of your thinking patterns and ways of perceiving life. 

Friends, start talking back. Start saying “No, I choose to see this or that in a better way”. Change those “old tapes” by replacing those words with good words. Give this to yourself. YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON! Talk back. Talk back with goodness. Tell yourself, You CAN. See yourself winning. See yourself succeeding, see those broken relationships mended, even if they are not yet. It all starts in our mind. See it, believe it, change it. You have this power. YOU DO, It’s been given to you!  

C’mon, who’s with me? Friends, I never suggest anything I haven’t tried and done before. We have been brought up conformed to this world, lets take “us” back and be transformed into the promises given to us by God. Let us renew our mind with good and wholesome words and thoughts.  Let today be the day you TALK BACK! 

Take a few seconds now to stop and say something good about yourself. Now say something good about a situation you’re in. Even if it doesn’t appear that way. Now, don’t say, “you don’t know my life”, TALK BACK!! Talk Life! Do it friends, try it just for today. 

It’s not easy, but I guarantee, It can be done. IT CAN!! 

So go on now, enjoy this blessing of a day you were given and TALK BACK! :D 






Hey! Hope you’re all doing better than fantastic today and if you’re not, I pray all will be well with you.

I like to write little things such as positive affirmations, scripture or whatever comes to mind that’s edifying to my family, on post it notes or pieces of paper and tape them up around the house for my awesome family to read. It’s a nice way to remind them how amazing I think they are and to remind them how amazing they are.

Well to my utter surprise Saturday morning, this is what I found taped to our bedroom mirror. STICKY NOTES FOR ME!!!!!  (from Rob) :D

It was so touching and wonderful. I wanted to share the picture with you. I love it :)



I Love You Christina

Hey everyone, I hope the day is going beyond spectacular for you :D

I wanted to share this adorable picture that was drawn for me this morning. I provide childcare for a few kids and one of the little young ladies I hang out with drew this for me.  She and her family are going on vacation next week so we won’t see each other for one week.

The picture reads this: I Love you I am going to miss you Christina

I love how she drew me. It’s so precious and so very cute :)

Kids are so amazing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to really show our kids what respect and love looks like from the way we treat them.  They are young for such a short time, although we may feel like they’re never going to grow up. They do and friends, it comes so quickly. I say, hug them, love them, have fun and be silly with them. They will remember these times and lets make a commitment that we will have more of these kinda times instead of the nit piks and complaints of what they do and don’t do. Let’s give more praise and I can tell you from experience, when we raise them up they don’t need to go out and find it. When we love them, they don’t need it from others, when we edify them,they will grow into confident loving adults.

My little friend met me for the first time three and a half months ago. I am honored she feels this way enough to write it out and present it to me <3

Hope your day is great! Get out there and love, love, love :D


Happy Birthday Teen Mom To Teens!!

Good day everyone!!

This date one year ago I started my blog and started down one of the hardest paths of my life!! Today looking back over the year I am beyond amazed at my self growth, the new friends, the publishing of my book, the incerdible spiritual growth and for the courage, the COURAGE God gave me to face my childhood sexual abuse and the effects it has had on my life.

I am ecstatic over what God has done in my life, totally, totally ecstatic!! I don’t even know what else to say.

I do want to say I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank you all for your support, for your prayers, for following my blog and for your interest and for your hope and encouragement. Had it not been for your interest this blog page would not be where it is today. I am so very grateful. You will never know how much. Bless you and thank you again :)



Ciao for now :)