Who Is It?

I have been crucified with Christ. it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. Galatians 2:20

Gosh, what does that mean to you?

For me it means that I am learning to live in another way. A way that goes against my way of wanting to live. It means that since I have decided to follow Christ I have given up my ways of behaving and the way I am towards life. It means I learn to love as He loves me. It means for me, to die to myself and start choosing a better way of living.

It’s been a great couple of days but I’ve got this anger creeping up inside me and I want to shout and swear and yell and just freak out.

But I choose not to. I am choosing to give that anger to God and have Him deal with it for me. I have chosen to pray. I have chosen to behave as Jesus asks me to because I have decided and I have chosen to live for Him. It’s ok to feel my anger but it is not ok for me to act on it and lash out because of my pain.

This latest journey hasn’t been easy for me. There have been hard hurting days and there have been wonderful days too.

I will say, I am so grateful for my kids and for the friends I have. I am grateful I am not alone.

I will not ever know why this has happened again but I have come to a place of acceptance.

Tonight, I will put on my pjs, watch a movie with my daughter and trust God has everything under control.

Tomorrow is another day.

Awwww, For Me :D

Oh goodness me! look look look what Corinne brought home for ME!!!!

I’ve been saying this past week that I need to get some happy flowers in the house and look, she was so kind, generous and thoughtful to surprise me today.

Thanks Missy, I love them! <3

How grateful I am for my kids. More than you’ll ever know. :)


Annnd, We’ve Got Ourselves An Angler!

Introducing a GREAT Canadian (Torontonian) Angler, Miss Corinne (Missy) Lane!

In this photo here she catches her very first trout river fishing. Can this momma be any more proud??? Sooooo SUPER proud! (not to mention, SHE CAN EVEN CLEAN FISH) :D


What’s so awesome here too is that, it was a DOUBLE HEADER! Her boyfriend Matthew catching a trout at the same time! So super cool.

missy blog pic 2

If you’re an angler, please check out Great Canadian Female Anglers and Fishbum Outfitters. Two amazing companies. They are also on facebook.

My BIG BIG News!!


I am so excited to share some really great news with you!

Ok, so many of you know that I have written and published a book titled; More of You less of me. Well, it’s been doing GREAT!

Last week I received an email from 100 Huntley Street asking me to be a guest on their talk show!! WOW WOW WOW! I’ll be heading over there May 6th. I don’t have all the details of when it will air but I will keep you posted and hope you will tune in.

If that was not enough, I received another email a couple of days later asking if they could feature me in their May Issue of their magazine! Holy smokes! Well I said YES of course! :D

Not to mention how many people have contacted me sharing how their hearts have been opened to receive God. That my friends is the greatest joy I have ever heard!

More great news, I’m scheduled to speak at a women’s luncheon on April 12th and next weekend I have been invited to A Just Joy Ministry conference from Carol McLeod in Buffalo! :D

You know, I take no credit for any of this. Every good thing has come from God. There is no way, no way at all that I could have ever done such a thing.

In the midst of what the enemy has thrown at me, my God moves in my life and no matter what the enemy throws my way, my God is GREATER!

So there it is, there’s my BIG news. I’m going to be on T.V. because of what God has done in my life. I am beyond honored to be called worthy from God to share what He has done. I love The Lord with all my heart and I know He loves me too.

I’m adding a picture of me with my book (hehe). If you haven’t gotten one yet, please do, I guarantee you will not be disappointed ;)

Thanks for reading and please, feel free to share :D


Shattered Pieces

March 6, 2014.

The door slams behind him in the night hours. We stand there in half disbelief but also in a state of belief that we are to face yet again the hurt and pain that comes along with this.

He’s gone again. Bags packed and without a word, gone.

There I stand, hurting and numb from watching him go. How can this be? How can this be happening again? What happened to his plans of date nights and his re-commitment and promises to love and never leave again?

My heart shatters once again.

I am left alone again to gather the pieces of my heart, my life and my family and try to move on one day at a time.

Who does this? I can ask, “why, why, why?” to no avail and get no answers.

Life. Addiction. Cunning, baffling. Hurtful. Destructive.

I will tell you something;  “Charm can fool you, beauty can trick you but a woman who respects The Lord shall be praised” Proverbs 31:30. This is who I am. A woman who respects and loves The Lord with all her heart and I always will be. I am the leading lady, LADY, in my life. Yes, I am.

Another chapter of life has opened up.  Piece by piece my heart will mend and God will restore it all and more for me and my family. In the meantime I will praise Him.

Today is shattered pieces, tomorrow, God’s glory.

Will You Join Me?

pic for may 2


I got this photo from Facebook. It will be the second year that I will participate in this event.

As many of you know, I am a thriving Survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I have willingly done a lot of work to overcome the effects this abuse has had on my life. It has been one heck of a journey. One journey that I would not trade for anything. I have, and am becoming an incredible human being.

I am inviting you to please join me and many others in wearing purple Friday May 2nd in support and awareness of sexual abuse. This abuse must be brought out in the open and we are they only one’s who can help put a stop to this. It is horrific! Friends, no child, no man or woman should ever have to suffer at the hands of another. Sadly in society today, the exploitation of young human beings is accepted. No one stops to think of how they objectify and add to this abuse when they use children, men or women for their viewing pleasure or worse!

Please take a moment to think about this. If you have children, it could easily happen to them.

And friends, let us think of the men and women who are forced into providing services for people’s pleasures. The abuse and torture they endure.

Let us take a stand. Will you stand with me and let people know, we will not tolerate or add to this abuse!

From one Survivor to another, from one human being to another, let us come together and take a stand!

Lets get our purple on! You’ve got plenty of time to find some snazzy outfit ;)

Thanks for your support. Together we are stronger, God bless :D