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Alrighty, here’s another video by moi ;) hehe

I just “love” the cover frame that was chosen. haha

I hope your day is beyond magical for you!

Enjoy friends :)

I Love You Christina

Hey everyone, I hope the day is going beyond spectacular for you :D

I wanted to share this adorable picture that was drawn for me this morning. I provide childcare for a few kids and one of the little young ladies I hang out with drew this for me.  She and her family are going on vacation next week so we won’t see each other for one week.

The picture reads this: I Love you I am going to miss you Christina

I love how she drew me. It’s so precious and so very cute :)

Kids are so amazing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to really show our kids what respect and love looks like from the way we treat them.  They are young for such a short time, although we may feel like they’re never going to grow up. They do and friends, it comes so quickly. I say, hug them, love them, have fun and be silly with them. They will remember these times and lets make a commitment that we will have more of these kinda times instead of the nit piks and complaints of what they do and don’t do. Let’s give more praise and I can tell you from experience, when we raise them up they don’t need to go out and find it. When we love them, they don’t need it from others, when we edify them,they will grow into confident loving adults.

My little friend met me for the first time three and a half months ago. I am honored she feels this way enough to write it out and present it to me <3

Hope your day is great! Get out there and love, love, love :D


You Can Get It, Yes You Can! :D


Hello Hello my friends!! I am so thrilled to share with you that my first book has been published!!! It is a story of hope, redemption, miracles, restoration and most of all the incredible power of God!!

Please check out your local book store and ask for it or go to,,, More of You, less of me By: Christina Lane

Thank you for your ongoing support. I couldn’t have done it without it :)

I hope your day is beyond magnificent!  :D :D :D