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Alrighty, here’s another video by moi ;) hehe

I just “love” the cover frame that was chosen. haha

I hope your day is beyond magical for you!

Enjoy friends :)

I Love You Christina

Hey everyone, I hope the day is going beyond spectacular for you :D

I wanted to share this adorable picture that was drawn for me this morning. I provide childcare for a few kids and one of the little young ladies I hang out with drew this for me.  She and her family are going on vacation next week so we won’t see each other for one week.

The picture reads this: I Love you I am going to miss you Christina

I love how she drew me. It’s so precious and so very cute :)

Kids are so amazing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to really show our kids what respect and love looks like from the way we treat them.  They are young for such a short time, although we may feel like they’re never going to grow up. They do and friends, it comes so quickly. I say, hug them, love them, have fun and be silly with them. They will remember these times and lets make a commitment that we will have more of these kinda times instead of the nit piks and complaints of what they do and don’t do. Let’s give more praise and I can tell you from experience, when we raise them up they don’t need to go out and find it. When we love them, they don’t need it from others, when we edify them,they will grow into confident loving adults.

My little friend met me for the first time three and a half months ago. I am honored she feels this way enough to write it out and present it to me <3

Hope your day is great! Get out there and love, love, love :D


You Can Get It, Yes You Can! :D


Hello Hello my friends!! I am so thrilled to share with you that my first book has been published!!! It is a story of hope, redemption, miracles, restoration and most of all the incredible power of God!!

Please check out your local book store and ask for it or go to,,, More of You, less of me By: Christina Lane

Thank you for your ongoing support. I couldn’t have done it without it :)

I hope your day is beyond magnificent!  :D :D :D

What To Call This Post? A Little Bit Of Everything ;)

Good beautiful morning my friends :)

So once again it’s been awhile since I took the time to sit and write. There have been many things on the go. For one, my book will be about very very soon! I’m so stoked about this. I was reading over some proofs yesterday and I was so filled with gratitude and I felt so humbled. I was in complete awe that God allowed me to write such a book. As my husband said yesterday, “Mmmmm, He makes good lemonade”. I chuckled. How did I come to such a place in my life? I was reflecting during my morning quiet time with God and I realized it all started with me. I stopped waiting for people, places and things to start changing and started the change. The change started in my head. How I thought of people, places and things. It started with how I thought of God, it started with how I thought of myself. It all starts with us. In our mind. What we focus on, good or bad, our feelings and life will follow. And the best part of the growth is, it’s when we continue to focus on what’s good when our world seems to be falling apart. I say this because I’ve been there. Yes I have had periods of grieving and not wanting to write or be with other people, but once we get over the hump and remember who we are and that we hold the key to such goodness, we can quickly get our butts in gear and move forward and I especially LOVE the incredible spiritual, emotional and mental growth that comes with such little setbacks. Setbacks don’t mean we lose all our growth or that everything is lost (this is what happens to me during such times), it means it’s a setback, a time for growth.

I have grown thorough my small setback over the past couple weeks.

I feel good. I feel more growth, more healing and most important to me, I feel closer to my God.

What has this done to help my family? Well, it has brought more communication, more family time, more growth in my youngest daughter. We chatted for a few minutes before she left for school and she was sharing how her focus doesn’t always need to be on the bad “stuff” in her life. She explained how it starts with her. She went on to share how her thinking is where it starts. I just about cried! God is truly amazing.

Not sure if I told you all about how I provide childcare before and after school, oh friends it’s so fun, talk about nurturing the little girl in me, anyways, I came in from picking them up from school and my eldest daughter had snack all prepared, the dishwasher undone and a tidied kitchen. I took a few seconds to thank God for guiding me to teach my children the way to go. I also gave thanks for the love and respect my daughter has for me to be kind and thoughtful to do such things without being asked.

During family time a couple weeks ago, my husband came up with a challenge for us all to do for the week. He challenged the family to call, not text, call each other and discuss four things: 1) how are we feeling 2) what are we doing 3) what are we thinking 4)what are we thinking of doing (in regards to certain things we are facing at that time). So for the week we all took turns calling each other. It was funny. My daughter Corinne was on the phone with her brother and they were giggling and sharing their feelings and their day with one another. I marveled at how just by picking up the phone and making a call instead of text, brought about connection, intimacy and laughter to the family. In a world of text or email, connecting via voice creates and builds relationship. I really appreciated and liked the idea. We have slipped away from the phone calls and have gone back to text. I think today I will let it begin with me and make those calls. Expect a call from Mumsy today darlings ;) hehe

A little update on my son Alex, he’s in his last year of university and has recently applied for teacher’s college. I’m so ecstatic for him! He’s going to become a high school teacher. For the next couple of weeks he is overloaded with assignments and exams. I’m very grateful to God for giving Alex a brain to hold so much information and be so disciplined to do what needs doing.

All in all friends, I wanted to connect and touch base, give you an update and share a bit of my life with you :)

I pray this day is beyond amazing for you and today, declare it a GREAT day! Decide today that you will have a great day, a fun day, a day full of love and remember friends, this starts with us. Don’t look outside yourself for it, you won’t find it. Look within and bring it out.

Ciao for now :D



God, Self & Others

God, Self and Others. How does that all work and where are we in the equation of it all?

Lately I’ve been busy, busy, busy. So many of life’s challenges have been thrown my way and I’ve been busy making lemonade ;) Through it all I have been losing my connection with God, myself and others. I felt “old” me creeping around, lurking around sabotaging my days and the goodness of my life.

Today I took myself and Oliver my dog out for a nice long walk. I put my head phones in my ears and cranked up my favorite christian songs and took some nice deep breaths in and out. I allowed myself to just be. To take my time, to take in God’s beauty around me, to stop and feel the warm sun on my face. As I did that, I removed my ear phones and I listened to the birds. I stopped and looked up into the trees to see those cute little birds fluttering around and singing so loudly. And just because God is so awesome, He threw in a very large Hawk to boot! Friends, I suddenly became so aware of how I have been missing out on my quiet time and connection with God. When this happens all areas of my life are so… so… lets just say you can really feel tension. Today I surrender it all to God. He gently reminded me of what needs to be taken care of in my life. First things first, for me, the order must go as follows; my time with Him and myself needs to be nurtured and guarded. Next, my time with others needs to be balanced and nurtured.

It’s funny because I realized when I’m lacking in connection with God and myself, I then tend to “fill” my days with the business of life and from my life’s experiences that never leads to anything fulfilling.

Anyways, what I want to share is, from my experience in life, spending time and establishing a relationship with God leads to such peace, serenity and all around goodness. You’re able to tackle life’s challenges more clearly and respond rather than react to the craziness that can happen.

Well, gotta run (hahaha)

Hope your day is better than good!

Sending you all a great big hug! :D


Good morning my friends!!!


thank you 2

I want to say THANK YOU to all my readers. Yesterday my views hit 278 views for one day!!! 278!!! I am so grateful to all of you who read my blog and have journeyed with me through the past few months!! I am over joyed and filled with much gratitude for the support. THANK YOU!

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thank you 5

I am very humbled. Thank you friends. God bless you!