Take It

I’m on holidays this week and I’m outside enjoying this hot summer weather although I just finished saying to my dog Oliver that I feel a chill. Go figure it’s just about 30 degrees Celsius and I feel a chill.
Anyway, I made my second cup of coffee and grabbed a new magazine I picked up from Wal Mart, actually I picked up three. You know they have the three magazines for ten bucks at the cash out? Yup gets me all the time. Well I’m sitting here and I’m in complete serenity and bliss. Why?
Because today I am able to take time for myself and enjoy it. Years ago I always thought myself unworthy to take time for myself and was brought up with the notion of that being selfish or a “bad” thing to do. Took some getting use to but let me tell ya, I surely enjoy it!
It makes me a better person and a better spouse a better parent and friend. We all need time to ourselves. That is one thing I really encourage mums I speak with to do, take a daily time out for yourself especially to you young mummies out there! We all need a refuel, a re-charge a time to connect with ourselves and God.
When we keep doing and doing and doing, we get frustrated and irritated and life becomes a burden and truthfully it’s our own fault. I was like that and I’ll be honest I can get into that tail spin of crazy at times and I need to stop. Like this beautiful morning I’m given. I’m out in my backyard with my coffee, magazine and my dog Oliver. The birds are happily singing and I’m taking in the blessing of being able to rest.
I challenge you to make a time each day just for you. Go on try it, it’s so beneficial for our health and serenity and out relationships :)

Happy day to you my beautiful friends <3


A Good Day Indeed

“Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life for his friends” -Jesus in John 15:13

Yes, no greater love. What kind of God is this??? There is no other God that has suffered, that has loved, that has given grace as this one true God we serve- Jesus. No other god who has been through and experienced what we also go through and experience in this life. No other god has humbled themselves to our level so He can relate to us and meet us where we are. There is and never has been any other with such grace, mercy and love. True, true love.

Ahhh, friends what a magnificent God we have.

Thank You Jesus for being the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and shame. Thank You that You have interceded on our behalf. Thank You that You loved us so much to lay Your precious sinless life down for us.

And on a little personal note, Lord, thank You that I do not have to sacrifice any animals in place for my sins. PHEW! Yup, giving gratitude for that today! I don’t think, no, no, no, I know in fact, I could not sacrifice an animal. :D (haha)

As we go through this reflective day, as well as our  everyday’s, let us remember there is no greater God than this. This God Jesus, is the real true God, the real deal, the one true loving God who loves you like crazy and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it ;)

I hope you enjoy this amazing song by Casting Crowns.

Have a blessed day!

C`Mon have Some Fun!

Hey there! If you’re on Spring Break with little one’s, here’s a really cute and fun craft idea you can do with them.

My youngest daughter Rebekah (who is now 16 years old), reminded me about this just this morning. She saw an empty tissue box and said, “hey mom, remember when I use to put these on my feet?” I certainly do! My kids and I had a lot of fun coming up with fun silly things to do. I would save up these boxes and we decorated them, tied long pieces of thin rope to them and the kids would put their little feet inside them and walk around with them. It was so cute and very fun. I had totally forgotten about this until Bekah reminded me.

It also made me feel very happy inside that she had that memory.

So if you’re looking for something to do during this spring break, round up some tissues boxes (and if they’re full, take out the tissue, it’s ok) some markers or paint and have fun!

You know, it’s these wonderful moments that kids will remember. Let loose, and if you’re really daring, I dare you to find a spot on the wall and let the kids paint it!! Ooooo, now that is a blast! And how’s about having a total wear your clothes backwards day?

These were (and sometimes still) are things we have done.  Through the challenging times of life, we all need to let loose and have fun. A good fun that helps us and nurtures us and our family.

Yesterday my niece spent the day with me and after a lot of activities and fun, she said to me, “Auntie, you’re the most fun adult I know, you let us do so many things” My heart melted. And you know, it’s not anything that costs money or requires too much. It’s my time, my love and really being present with them and enjoying the time. Not worrying about what needs doing or if I need to be somewhere. It was really nice to hear that.  So C’mon, forget the housework and dishes, get out there, have fun and be a kid.Tthey will remember it forever! And it`s so worth it!! :D

Happy fun day to you!

Here`s a picture of Bekah`s foot. Yup, she put it in there again after she remembered hehehe. So cute :)

pic blog

Happy Happy New Year! Happy Happy day!

Well hello there! I hope the New Year came in with much more goodness you anticipated :)

So a new year eh? You got any plans for it? Any hopes or dreams? Do we need a new year to hope or dream? I don’t think so but, I guess for some it’s needed  to help start the process :)

Friends, over the past year I went down some roads I never thought possible. I faced the worst demons in my life and through it, God has grown me up ;)

Last year I started this blog. I finished my book (which I will reveal before next week, So super excited, I cannot wait to show it to you all!!!!!), I confronted both of my abusers and proudly held my head up high and gave up all shame that was keeping me from my best. I walked through marital challenges to come out on the other side with more growth in Jesus’ love for me, my husband and our marriage.  My relationships with my kids have grown so much and most of all, I have grown so much more closer to God.  I have gained good friends through my trials and have come to such an understanding of myself. Through God, I have learned to love myself. It’s amazing when you love yourself how you are able to loveand care for others :D

So after last year, what I hoping for for this year is, for my testimony to reach other hurting people and help them, to reach other Survivors out there and show them there is so much more to life than what the effects of abuse have left behind, most of all friends, I want to show Jesus. I want to show others how good and amazing and wonderful this God I follow is and what He has done for me :D

These are my hopes. What God has to say about it… We will find out as time goes on.
I pray this year is all and more, than you can ever hope or imagine :)

And on that note, I’m going to finish up because my dog needs to go outside and refuses to go out with any one other than me. Sheesh.

Ciao for now :D


Go On, Laugh At Yourself, It’s Good For The Soul

Alrighty friends, here I am this early FRIDAY morning, enjoying my coffee freshy made from our brand new Keurig machine that our son Alex bought us for Christmas. I decide to write an early morning “Good morning” on my facebook page that said this:


This post gets seen by quite a few people. I received a message over twitter from a fellow follower who very nicely reminded me it is Friday and expressed that it’s good to see I am human like everyone else. Amen to that!

 Friends, I started to laugh so much! It’s FRIDAY!!! hahahahaha Here I am thinking, no no no,believeing it was Monday morning!! That is too funny. So my point here is, when we do silly things or make mistakes, can we laugh at ourselves or are we so shame filled that we become so embarrassed and hide from the world? Back in the day I was so filled with toxic shame that if something like this happened before I would most likely, verbally and mentally beat myself up about it. Not today, thanks be to God for teaching me and loving me the way He does. Today, I am able to laugh at my mistakes and laugh at things I say or do and accept myself as human.

So go on, laugh at yourself and try not to take yourself so seriously. Live life with gentleness and most of all laughter. It is soooooo good for the soul. Releases stress, heals the soul and when we start laughing, others will catch the laughter too. Laughing is contagious. I dare you, when you’re with some family or friends, just start laughing, laugh out loud. They’ll probably think you’re nuts but so what? Go for it, you’ll see withna few minutes you’ll all be in hysterical laughter and feel like a million bucks afterwards. And you know what else laughter does? It creates intimacy within relatonships. Breaks down walls of coldness and distance.

So my wonderful beautiful friends, aim for a good belly laugh with yourself and others today ;)