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Take It

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I’m on holidays this week and I’m outside enjoying this hot summer weather although I just finished saying to my dog Oliver that I feel a chill. Go figure it’s just about 30 degrees Celsius and I feel a chill. Anyway, I made my second cup of coffee and grabbed a new magazine I picked up from Wal Mart, actually I picked up three. You know they have the three magazines for ten bucks at […]

A Good Day Indeed

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“Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life for his friends” -Jesus in John 15:13 Yes, no greater love. What kind of God is this??? There is no other God that has suffered, that has loved, that has given grace as this one true God we serve- Jesus. No other god who has been through and experienced what we also go through and experience in this life. No other god has […]

C`Mon have Some Fun!

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Hey there! If you’re on Spring Break with little one’s, here’s a really cute and fun craft idea you can do with them. My youngest daughter Rebekah (who is now 16 years old), reminded me about this just this morning. She saw an empty tissue box and said, “hey mom, remember when I use to put these on my feet?” I certainly do! My kids and I had a lot of fun coming up with […]

Happy Happy New Year! Happy Happy day!

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Well hello there! I hope the New Year came in with much more goodness you anticipated :) So a new year eh? You got any plans for it? Any hopes or dreams? Do we need a new year to hope or dream? I don’t think so but, I guess for some it’s needed ┬áto help start the process :) Friends, over the past year I went down some roads I never thought possible. I faced […]

Go On, Laugh At Yourself, It’s Good For The Soul

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Alrighty friends, here I am this early FRIDAY morning, enjoying my coffee freshy made from our brand new Keurig machine that our son Alex bought us for Christmas. I decide to write an early morning “Good morning” on my facebook page that said this: This post gets seen by quite a few people. I received a message over twitter from a fellow follower who very nicely reminded me it is Friday and expressed that it’s […]