A Good Reminder

I received an email this morning and the person who sent it, explained how they were reading my blog and how encouraging it was to them and how they look forward to reading more. I also saw a post my daughter commented on on Facebook, and she went on to share her experience in a situation she was in and her gratitude for me, her mom :), who stood by her and was her voice when she didn’t have one.

I was, I am, very humbled. I am very grateful that my life’s experiences are able to help others. I am so grateful to God for turning these ashes to beauty.
Some days I feel discouraged and a little blah but it’s times like this that God reaches down, touches my heart and gently reminds me of my purpose and how good my life truly is.

Thank you! Thank you to all of you for reading my blog, for buying my book, for your continues support. And thank You God for always loving me so much and never leaving my side and for providing these bursts of blessings when they’re needed :)

Have yourselves a fabulous, blessed day :*

Life Savers in Three Flavors

Well hello there! I pray all is well with you and you are having a fabulous day :D

I’m so excited to share my latest interview with you. This interview was done with such a wonderful young lady who works with an organization called Pregnancy Care Centre. This organization provides help, support, encouragement and spiritual guidance for young moms.

For all you moms out there check out; IAmNotAlone.ca for more info about this organization.

Here’s the interview, it’s a short two minute video. I hope you can take a peek ;)

Friends, I cannot thank you enough for all your support over the past while. God bless <3

The Real Deal

Happy day to you!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Just Joy! Ministries Conference, No More Ordinary. I was thrilled! At first I thought, nahh, I “can’t” go, it’s in Buffalo and yadda, yadda, yadda. Well friends, long story short, I asked my friend Delia if she would like to go and she said, “sure!”.

April 4th, we packed up and drove to Buffalo.

Have you heard of Just Joy! Ministries? I hadn’t. As many of you who know me, know that I wake up before the birds everyday. One early morning (quite a few months ago), after Rob, my husband, left for work in the wee morning hours, he called to share with me that he has just listened to an amazing preacher on WDCX radio. He suggested I listen to her the next day

The next day came and I did not listen. After the show Rob called and asked if I had heard and I said nope.

Well, the next morning I listened. Her voice was so serene and pleasant. Gentle and loving. I thought, how lovely.

I tuned in the next day and the next and the next. I have been faithfully listening to Carol McLeod share her message on WDCX radio at 5:30am, for the past few months now. I’m so glad my husband told me about her (Thanks Rob! :D).

About a month or two ago, I felt God really convict my heart about sending Carol an email regarding my book. At first I said to God, “nahhh” But He said, “Yeaaaahhhhh”. Again I said, “nahhhh” and again He said, “YEEEAAHHHH” loud and clear.

So one early morning, I decided to send Carol an email. I started to write it and got side tracked. The email saved in my drafts for a couple of weeks.

After a few weeks had passed, God gently reminded me about getting in contact with Carol. I didn’t argue with God this time. This time I said, “Ok God”. Before I finished the email, I prayed and sent it off to Carol. To my absolute surprise, Carol responded within a couple of hours! I thought to myself, now this woman is very personable. Here she has a very BIG ministry and she took her time to personally respond to my email!

Carol accepted my recently published book, More of You less of me. I felt very honored and blessed that she did.

As weeks passed, Carol and I have kept in contact by email. As we kept in touch, Carol was so kind to invite me and a friend to her No More Ordinary conference in Buffalo. I am sooooo glad we went.

The Lord spoke to my heart that weekend and let me tell you friends, after Friday nights message, I was brave enough to go introduce myself personally to Carol.

Now, I gotta tell you, when I introduced myself to her, Carol welcomed me with opened arms and such a big, tight hug. As I introduced her to my friend Delia, she stood there with her arm around me and played with my hair!!! I was like, Lord, this woman has a heart for you! She is the real deal! Carol has a new book out entitled No More Ordinary. I got myself a signed copy :D

How beautiful it is to meet someone sharing Gods Word and goodness and be so personable and “down to earth”. That is God. And you know, the name of her ministry couldn’t be any more perfect; Just Joy! Ministries. You can see and hear the joy in Carol’s heart. That is the joy of The Lord. It’s amazing and so wonderful.

I am so grateful our paths have crossed. I don’t know what God is up to in regards to our lives crossing but I thank Him that they did.

Carol gave me the “ok” to post the picture Delia and I took with her.

A beautiful woman inside and out. That’s what God does my friends, He makes us beautiful from the inside out.

I highly recommend and encourage you to check out Just Joy! Ministries online or if you’re an early bird like me, tune in to WDCX radio at 5:30am to hear Carol’s message.

As always, thanks for reading and may God richly bless you!

My friend Delia is on the left, Carol in the middle and there I am on the right ;)

photo Conference

I Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my Heart

Do you ever just have one of those days where you are reminded of the blessings around you? Those days where everything in your life seems just right? Those unexpected things that happen and things that get done without you even being a part of?

Yeah, today is one of those days for me. And I’ll be quite honest, I have many of these days. :)

I am reminded today how amazing my three kids are. I am reminded today that, how we are with our kids today, how we teach them, how we help them grow, how we nurture them, lasts a lifetime.

We had a busy day. We ran a few errands and did our groceries. We came home and left the groceries in the car while Rob and I ran out. When we came home, the groceries, (which for a family of five, plus two boyfriends, plus five cats, a dog and three fish, is quite a bit of groceries) were brought in from the car AND put away! All of it, put away and the fridge- cleaned out. My heart was overflowing in gratitude for the loving, kind, thoughtful hearts our kids have. I was also so thankful to God for giving them such a heart and for guiding me and Rob to teach them those good things. And for these kids to think to do as well. This is where the fruits of our labor shine through and today I’m feeling very blessed. Blessed that our kids who are 21, 18 and 16, call to let us know where they are, who they’re with, do household chores without being asked, respectful of curfew time and, my favorite; how they work their Sundays around for church and family time.

My suggestion to us parents, don’t wait for them to get to an age to start. It starts when they’re young, it starts now. Nurture, teach and above all, love. Love love love them. Teach with a patient and loving heart. Help them with their strengths and don’t expect them to “just know” to do things, make it clear, explain lovingly. And praise them. We can make our children bloom by how we care for them. Grow with them and learn together.

Today I am so grateful and I am receiving and taking in the blessings from God.

And now, it’s time for a hot cup of tea and I will indulge in some cookies ;)

Happy day to you and I thank you so very much for your time in reading my blog. Bless you always :)

Talk Back!

Good fabulous morning to you! :D

Wanted to pop in briefly and say; you know when you hear that little chattering in the back of your mind? you know that “voice” that says, “you can’t do it”, “this is impossible!”, “yeah right, you?”, “oh this is bad” etc… etc… etc… Yeah that voice. What do you say to it? Do you succumb to the “no no’s” of it? Do you “listen” to it? or worse, Do you believe it?????? :o 

I use to all the time. 

Not today people!! Nope, not me anymore. Oh yes of course it still tries to put me down or tell me things won’t work and even likes to “make up my own stories” on situations. Friends, today I talk back.  I say, shaaattttt up! I tell this little voice, Ha, that’s what you think! I say things like, “this may look “bad” now but I know God has it all figured out already”. I choose to speak life over myself and those around me today. What do I mean by talking life over myself? I mean I choose better words, I choose to not to be discouraged no matter what the situation is. I choose to recite Gods word over my issues. I choose to CHANGE THE WORDS. You see I have that choice and again I choose to change what I think and say today. 

When I wake up in the morning, “old” me starts with, what do I have to do today, what is going to happen???? The amazing thing is now I am better able to quickly “catch” those thoughts and turn them over to The Big Guy and I choose to start off with, “Today is a great day, I am expecting favor from God and Blessings to pour over me and my family today”. I choose to declare, “today is an awesome day”. 

This takes practice. This takes awareness of your thinking patterns and ways of perceiving life. 

Friends, start talking back. Start saying “No, I choose to see this or that in a better way”. Change those “old tapes” by replacing those words with good words. Give this to yourself. YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON! Talk back. Talk back with goodness. Tell yourself, You CAN. See yourself winning. See yourself succeeding, see those broken relationships mended, even if they are not yet. It all starts in our mind. See it, believe it, change it. You have this power. YOU DO, It’s been given to you!  

C’mon, who’s with me? Friends, I never suggest anything I haven’t tried and done before. We have been brought up conformed to this world, lets take “us” back and be transformed into the promises given to us by God. Let us renew our mind with good and wholesome words and thoughts.  Let today be the day you TALK BACK! 

Take a few seconds now to stop and say something good about yourself. Now say something good about a situation you’re in. Even if it doesn’t appear that way. Now, don’t say, “you don’t know my life”, TALK BACK!! Talk Life! Do it friends, try it just for today. 

It’s not easy, but I guarantee, It can be done. IT CAN!! 

So go on now, enjoy this blessing of a day you were given and TALK BACK! :D 


Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Hey there my dear friends, Merry, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you! :)

I’ll keep it brief today and say this; From my awesome, amazing family to your awesome, amazing family, we wish you all the best for this holiday season and more than the best for the new year. God bless!


How Grateful I Am For What I Did Not Endure.

Good day my friends.

Although I do not like to discuss my past abuse too often anymore, or get into any detail, I am writing this morning after reading through a few blog posts I follow and I am sitting here giving thanks to God for sparing me as He did from abuse that could have been far worse. I know it sounds weird to put forms of abuse on a “scale” however this morning I am beside myself giving thanks. I have heard and I have read from fellow survivors what they had encountered and for some reason today I am feeling it deep within my heart. I can say, with the sexual abuse I did endure, I was also spared from what could have been. It is said many times, God gives you only enough of what you can handle. Yes I believe that and when I speak with my fellow survivor friends, I am encouraged that I can continue to move forward and heal.

Well now, I guess what I want to say is, to all my amazing, beautiful, courageous, strong, survivor friends out there; First, I am so sorry for what you, we, went through. The pain, hurt and the loss we have endured.  God bless you all for sharing your story, for pushing forward, for choosing goodness for your life and for just being you!  I am truly blessed to know you. Some days suck and some days are beyond magical. This is our life, we choose how we will make the rest of it go. Today let us hold tight together and to God and choose to be the awesome people we are!

Sending you all (with your permission) a BIG hug :)

And to you my fellow readers, a BIG hug to you as well :D

God bless

P.S. – did you know that today is an amazing day???? Yup, yup it is ;)