Ch Ch Ch Changes

Listen friends, life doesn’t change until YOU change. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Attitude, thinking, speaking, living. Life changes when YOU change.
I did it and I’m still doing it, and I’ll tell you, I’m happy, joyous and free today.

Time to stop looking out and start looking in. It’s not easy at first but as you keep at it, one small change a day, life becomes lighter, you start to feel at ease and your outlook on life changes and in turn God works through you and life takes a beautiful shape.

C’mon friends, life is for living, live it well!

Happy Saturday of change to you! ;)

Time For A Quickie?

For You And You And You…Yes, Even YOU!

May we all get to this point. May we all learn to believe it and accept this truth.

You my precious friends, are redeemed. WE ARE REDEEMED!

God bless you this wonderful Friday afternoon ;)

The First

Hello hello friends. It’s been awhile since I sat and blogged.  So much going on with the school year coming to an end.

With that said, I am soooo beyond thrilled to share some really exciting, serious news with you!!! Ok, so my son, whom I had in my teen years, is now 21 years old. He has just recently completed his last year of University and graduates this year.  How proud is this mom? Proud beyond belief!

If graduating from University was not enough, God decides to throw in Alex graduating with a high achievement record!

I’m going to post the letter he received from the Dean of the University (I asked permission to post ;)).

So here it is;



Oh goodness me, I am so happy for him. This guy of mine has worked so hard. He kept his focus and stayed on track. What a victory.

This Friday will be the ceremony. It will take the Hand of God to keep me in my seat. When I hear his name I’m going to want to jump up and down and holler “woooohooooo, that’s my boy”!!! Hahahaha, could you imagine my son if Idid that? hahahaha. Mind you, he’d probably expect it. ;)

I will definitely post pictures and a possible video.

Well, gotta run. Ciao for now and God bless <3

Life Savers in Three Flavors

Well hello there! I pray all is well with you and you are having a fabulous day :D

I’m so excited to share my latest interview with you. This interview was done with such a wonderful young lady who works with an organization called Pregnancy Care Centre. This organization provides help, support, encouragement and spiritual guidance for young moms.

For all you moms out there check out; for more info about this organization.

Here’s the interview, it’s a short two minute video. I hope you can take a peek ;)

Friends, I cannot thank you enough for all your support over the past while. God bless <3

The Real Deal

Happy day to you!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Just Joy! Ministries Conference, No More Ordinary. I was thrilled! At first I thought, nahh, I “can’t” go, it’s in Buffalo and yadda, yadda, yadda. Well friends, long story short, I asked my friend Delia if she would like to go and she said, “sure!”.

April 4th, we packed up and drove to Buffalo.

Have you heard of Just Joy! Ministries? I hadn’t. As many of you who know me, know that I wake up before the birds everyday. One early morning (quite a few months ago), after Rob, my husband, left for work in the wee morning hours, he called to share with me that he has just listened to an amazing preacher on WDCX radio. He suggested I listen to her the next day

The next day came and I did not listen. After the show Rob called and asked if I had heard and I said nope.

Well, the next morning I listened. Her voice was so serene and pleasant. Gentle and loving. I thought, how lovely.

I tuned in the next day and the next and the next. I have been faithfully listening to Carol McLeod share her message on WDCX radio at 5:30am, for the past few months now. I’m so glad my husband told me about her (Thanks Rob! :D).

About a month or two ago, I felt God really convict my heart about sending Carol an email regarding my book. At first I said to God, “nahhh” But He said, “Yeaaaahhhhh”. Again I said, “nahhhh” and again He said, “YEEEAAHHHH” loud and clear.

So one early morning, I decided to send Carol an email. I started to write it and got side tracked. The email saved in my drafts for a couple of weeks.

After a few weeks had passed, God gently reminded me about getting in contact with Carol. I didn’t argue with God this time. This time I said, “Ok God”. Before I finished the email, I prayed and sent it off to Carol. To my absolute surprise, Carol responded within a couple of hours! I thought to myself, now this woman is very personable. Here she has a very BIG ministry and she took her time to personally respond to my email!

Carol accepted my recently published book, More of You less of me. I felt very honored and blessed that she did.

As weeks passed, Carol and I have kept in contact by email. As we kept in touch, Carol was so kind to invite me and a friend to her No More Ordinary conference in Buffalo. I am sooooo glad we went.

The Lord spoke to my heart that weekend and let me tell you friends, after Friday nights message, I was brave enough to go introduce myself personally to Carol.

Now, I gotta tell you, when I introduced myself to her, Carol welcomed me with opened arms and such a big, tight hug. As I introduced her to my friend Delia, she stood there with her arm around me and played with my hair!!! I was like, Lord, this woman has a heart for you! She is the real deal! Carol has a new book out entitled No More Ordinary. I got myself a signed copy :D

How beautiful it is to meet someone sharing Gods Word and goodness and be so personable and “down to earth”. That is God. And you know, the name of her ministry couldn’t be any more perfect; Just Joy! Ministries. You can see and hear the joy in Carol’s heart. That is the joy of The Lord. It’s amazing and so wonderful.

I am so grateful our paths have crossed. I don’t know what God is up to in regards to our lives crossing but I thank Him that they did.

Carol gave me the “ok” to post the picture Delia and I took with her.

A beautiful woman inside and out. That’s what God does my friends, He makes us beautiful from the inside out.

I highly recommend and encourage you to check out Just Joy! Ministries online or if you’re an early bird like me, tune in to WDCX radio at 5:30am to hear Carol’s message.

As always, thanks for reading and may God richly bless you!

My friend Delia is on the left, Carol in the middle and there I am on the right ;)

photo Conference

C`Mon have Some Fun!

Hey there! If you’re on Spring Break with little one’s, here’s a really cute and fun craft idea you can do with them.

My youngest daughter Rebekah (who is now 16 years old), reminded me about this just this morning. She saw an empty tissue box and said, “hey mom, remember when I use to put these on my feet?” I certainly do! My kids and I had a lot of fun coming up with fun silly things to do. I would save up these boxes and we decorated them, tied long pieces of thin rope to them and the kids would put their little feet inside them and walk around with them. It was so cute and very fun. I had totally forgotten about this until Bekah reminded me.

It also made me feel very happy inside that she had that memory.

So if you’re looking for something to do during this spring break, round up some tissues boxes (and if they’re full, take out the tissue, it’s ok) some markers or paint and have fun!

You know, it’s these wonderful moments that kids will remember. Let loose, and if you’re really daring, I dare you to find a spot on the wall and let the kids paint it!! Ooooo, now that is a blast! And how’s about having a total wear your clothes backwards day?

These were (and sometimes still) are things we have done.  Through the challenging times of life, we all need to let loose and have fun. A good fun that helps us and nurtures us and our family.

Yesterday my niece spent the day with me and after a lot of activities and fun, she said to me, “Auntie, you’re the most fun adult I know, you let us do so many things” My heart melted. And you know, it’s not anything that costs money or requires too much. It’s my time, my love and really being present with them and enjoying the time. Not worrying about what needs doing or if I need to be somewhere. It was really nice to hear that.  So C’mon, forget the housework and dishes, get out there, have fun and be a kid.Tthey will remember it forever! And it`s so worth it!! :D

Happy fun day to you!

Here`s a picture of Bekah`s foot. Yup, she put it in there again after she remembered hehehe. So cute :)

pic blog