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Life Savers in Three Flavors

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Well hello there! I pray all is well with you and you are having a fabulous day :D I’m so excited to share my latest interview with you. This interview was done with such a wonderful young lady who works with an organization called Pregnancy Care Centre. This organization provides help, support, encouragement and spiritual guidance for young moms. For all you moms out there check out; for more info about this organization. Here’s […]

Forgiveness? Acceptance? Maturity?

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Spoke to my mom on the phone today for quite some time, we shared in some good laughter and some serious conversation.  After we got off the phone, I got to really thinking and reflecting on  how I treat my mother and our relationship. I wasn’t too happy or pleased with the lack of respect I give to the woman who gave birth to me nor the fact that I can still see how I […]

Ol’ Days

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Last night I attended a Ballroom Dancing showcase presented by some students at an elementary school. It was the elementary school I attended and graduated from when I was younger, and the same one my own kids attended and graduated from as well. Years ago, I was Chair of the Parent council at this particular school for many many years. Ten to be exact. I loved it. It was fun and I enjoyed working along […]

Buster ;)

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I’d like to talk about my son this morning. Twenty years ago I found out I was pregnant. I was 16 years old.  I called the doctor from a pay phone in my High School hallway. The secretary of the doctor gave me the news (which is against the law, but I asked her to), over the phone and I remember I felt as if I was going to faint and collapse. Another part of me […]

Long road here continued…

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Hey, thought I’d share a bit more of my story on how I got to my life today. I don’t recall if I ever shared about Alex’s biological father. I won’t mention any names as that, I feel, is not fair. July 1992. Where was my baby’s father in all of this turmoil I was going through? Dad was too busy hiding from his parents. You see, I was not too popular with his parents […]

Long road here continued..

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As my journey continued, I realize now that I lied, and I created something that was not real. I projected to my children that we need to be and are the perfect Christian family. We were following Christ now, and we shouldn’t have any problems anymore. No, no, no we did not, we told ourselves, I told them. If any of my children had a problem or issue, we would just suck it up, tough it […]